You are about to really hate some people.

Sunday, a couple in Chula Vista, Cal. went out for a walk and came across a house with Easter eggs all over the lawn. Now, instead of being normal people who look at something like that and think, "Oh! How nice! An Easter egg hunt for the kids who live in this house that is definitely not ours!", they instead stopped walking and took a bunch of the eggs.

What they didn't realize was that the eggs were, in fact, mean for the boy who lived in the house. He's two-years-old and has Down Syndrome.

Stealing those few initial eggs wasn't enough for this terrible couple, though. They came back again. And then again. They actually brought their children (or grandchildren) with them, and scooped up all of the rest of the eggs. Even more ridiculous, they took the remaining Easter decorations after the sun went down.

Now sure, they probably didn't know that the little boy who lived in the house had Down Syndrome, but that doesn't really matter. It's not like it would have been okay to steal the eggs from ANY family.

And what exactly are they going to do with these eggs? Save them for next year so they don't have to fork over four dollars at the Dollar Store?

These people are the worst.