started as a way for the average person to rate and critique local restaurants and businesses. The Average Joe could weigh in on atmosphere, decor, and value, giving the sometimes pretentious "expert" a run for their money. Just because they haven't updated the fixtures in twenty years doesn't take away from the fact that a restaurant has the best flour-less chocolate cake in town! Besides, you proposed to your girlfriend there... so that place will always have five stars in your heart.

Caitlin K. is a Yelp! reviewer currently residing in Seattle, WA. A native Michigander, she looks to be in her early to mid twenties, has dark hair with Bettie Page bangs, and sports thick framed glasses. Just like in the aforementioned "proposing in that restaurant" example, Caitlin's Yelp! reviews cover much more than the average cost of a visit or pleasantness of staff.  Her reviews are frozen moments in time. For instance, in her review about Crow's Nest:

can you believe there are places that are open 24 hours? you have to imagine the contraventions.

i want to talk about everything. i want to talk about the bookstore next door with 50,000 books purposelessly scattered and stacked around or beneath or inside shelves, the kind of place you go when you don't know what to read.

Or the opening statement in her review of the Kalamazoo Transportation Center:

i spent a few hours here on may 10. a man with a mustache and a large amtrak pin, standing near a table with orange juice, asked about my bass. it's a precision and he plays a jazz, like most men who ask about my bass.

Read all the reviews by clicking here.  You'll never eat a Cottage Inn anchovy pizza the same way again.