A new way of being dead has hit the funeral scene!Now, conscientious corpses-in-waiting can ensure their legacy leaves no trace, with the new mushroom suit! It's a burial outfit made of cotton, mushrooms and bacteria. It biodegrades quickly, doing little harm (and actually does some good) to the ground ecology.

The creators argue that traditional methods of interment are toxic to the environment. Typical caskets contain lacquer and metals, and bodies are often pumped full of chemicals like formaldehyde to make bodies appear less dead for final services. These things help the living cope for a bit, but does lasting damage to the environment.

A lot of people who aren't yet dead kind of care about their impact on the environment. Many would hate the idea that all their granola-crunching, tree-hugging environment love would be completely undone after they kick the bucket, so this is an appealing alternative!