WKFR Studio

So as a somewhat newer resident of Kalamazoo, I quickly fell in love with the Kalamazoo Wings' mascot, Slappy. The giant green parrot/bird of awesomeness won me over the first game I had ever been to at the Wings Event Center, as he began tossing people left and right during an intermission game of soccer. I've recently decided I wanna take my love for the mascot to the next level and get him etched on my body forever.


I'm gonna take my quest to DJ of Grand St Tattoos in Schoolcraft, one of the Top 10 Best Tattoo Shops In West Michigan 2018, as voted by you! DJ is a super talented artist and has put together 3 different designs. I NEED YOU TO CHOOSE MY TATTOO. Voting will take place for the next few weeks and on the first week of December I'll reveal the winning design, then get it tattooed on me. So, which will it be?