Grand Rapids, like the rest of Michigan's Lower Peninsula was socked with snow by a late February winter storm. Forecaster Tracy Hinson was live on the air when her co-workers surprised her with an impromptu snowball fight.

What you might not know about Tracy is that she's a native of California's usually sunny and temperate Silicon Valley, so snow is not something she's accustom to.

While doing an outdoor live shot during the morning news, Tracy was showing how heavy the snow was when she was surprised by being hit by a few snowballs tossed by her co-workers. She tried valiantly to fight back, but being a California girl, her snowball-making skills were no match for lifelong Michiganders.

But she showed aplomb by closing out her segment like a pro giving a proper out-cue.


Forecaster Tracy Hinson is new to West Michigan (note she says she has never shoveled snow before)(!!), so we thought a little on-air surprise was in order. Snowball fight!

Posted by FOX 17 on Thursday, February 25, 2016

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