Keep your pumpkin from rotting so quickly this year.

Photo By: Tombizarre/ThinkStock
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    Don't Cut Off The Top

    This seems like a given, not cutting off the top of your pumpkin.  This doesn't mean you can't cut into it at all, this just means you should cut a hole in the side or bottom of the pumpkin.  The decaying process works slower if it doesn't have to start at the top.

    Your pumpkin will keep fresh much longer if moisture can’t collect on the bottom and the stem stays intact. -

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    After you've completely gutted your pumpkin, taken out the guts and seeds, and scraped the interior walls, use bleach and water.  Use 1 tablespoon of bleach per quart of water.

    Bleach helps kill bacteria and get rid of dirt, which will prevent the pumpkin from growing mold too quickly. Plus, the cleaner the pumpkin, the less quickly it will begin to rot. -

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    Let It Dry Completely

    I never knew this was a thing...I've always started carving as soon as I gutted it.  You're supposed to towel dry the pumpkin.  DO NOT use a blow dryer and make sure to leave the pumpkin INSIDE to dry.  Using a fan will help it dry more quickly.

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    After the pumpkin has dried and you've carved your masterpiece, cover the inside and carved edges with Vaseline.  If you don’t have any Vaseline you can always try cooking oil, or clear nail polish.

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    Soak In Cold Water

    After you've set up your pumpkin outside and it begins to decay, soak it in cold water.  Apparently, an ice water bath will preserve it even longer.

    • Fully submerge your pumpkin in ice cold water for one to two hours.
    • Add a small amount of bleach to the water to kill any mold starting to form.
    • After the bath, go back to #4. and add more Vasoline
    • Then, you're done.