One of the highlights of the past season for The Detroit Tigers was the emergence of Rookie Pitcher Michael Fulmer.   He may end up with the Rookie of The Year award but he is also one of the nominees for Best Rookie in the 2016 MLB Awards.

From MLB, Fulmer is among 5 rookies who are up for the award.  He joins Tyler Naquin of The Indians, Gary Sanchez from The Yankees, Corey Seager from The Dodgers and Trea Turner from The Nationals.

Best Rookie is just one of the awards that will be given out that also includes, Best Major Leaguer, Best Hitter, Best Pitcher, Best Defensive Player, Best Moment and many more.

These awards are voted on by the fans.  So you can head over to the 2016 MLB Awards page and vote on your favorites.

Fulmer is the only Tiger up for any of these awards.  He deserves all the Best rookie nods he can get.   We will see if he ends up with Rookie of The Year soon.