Sports stars, celebrities, actors and musicians are just a few of the professions that get interviewed a lot by the news.  Well, this news report is about a very unlikely profession: plumbers. Yes, the people who deal with clogged drains and poo were being interviewed down in Texas. And the reason they were being interviewed? Because people are dumb.

It seems as though people dump whatever they want down their sink drains on Thanksgiving, which obviously clogs their drains.  Plumbers are then called to do work that could have been easily prevented, sometimes having to work on Thanksgiving.  Everyone else gets the day off.  These poor plumbers should too!

How dumb and lazy people are that they can't just throw away food instead of trying to wash it down the sink drain? The plumber that was interviewed, Gilbert Flores, says that potato and onion peels are the biggest clogged drain culprits, along with grease. So when in doubt, just throw it out.