As I sit here today, I realize that we have all adapted to the pandemic crisis better than I thought we would.  What started out as fear and panic turned into a methodical step by step engagement of lifestyle changes.  The specter of sickness and death remains but we seem to have come to terms with the problem.

That's what Michiganders do.  That's what America does.  We've gotten the big things handled pretty well, now it's time to take care of some of the little things.  Except when it comes to our returnables.  For many, that's become a big thing.

Some households are bigger than others.  Some households are thirstier than others.  And some households handled the crisis by drinking.  Hey, we all have to deal anyway that works.

I had the pleasure of witnessing a friends garage area set aside for bottle & cans and was floored by just how many there were.  A stranger would have thought he was a hoarder...with a hoarding problem.

Turns out he's not the only one.  We Michiganders are holding on to about $65,000,000 in bottle & can returnables.  Holy crap!  That's some serious glass, aluminum and plastic.  And now we finally have the chance to cash it all in.

Starting Monday June 15th, you can go to your nearest store and complete the ritual of shoving bottles & cans into a hole and then enjoy the sticky results.  The question is, how many people will keep the money and how many will give it to a charity?  Whatever it happens to be, let the lines form with 6 feet of space.

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