Confession: I love stickers. Vinyl stickers, stickers for the car, all kinds of stickers. I'm sure it's related to some fleeting feeling of joy I experienced as a child or something along those lines we are.

Much like books, I find myself buying stacks of stickers with no plans of where to put them. I even find myself browsing sticker selections online when I'm bored. Well, during one such browsing session I noticed that there's an incredible variety of Michigan stickers just on Etsy alone.

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If you too find yourself loving vinyl stickers here are 9 of the most eye-catching stickers of the state of Michigan I found on Etsy:

1. Michigan Roots 

Via/ Etsy Store Isabel Hazel Design Co.

This sticker, sold by the Etsy store Isabel Hazel Design Co., is perfect for anyone born and raised in the great state of Michigan. While the above picture makes it seem like this is a huge sticker you can, in fact, choose your size. They range from 2-11inches and will vary in cost depending on the size.

2. All About the Fish 

Via Etsy Store Charlie and Georgia

Do you have a fisherman (or woman) in your life? This unique sticker which includes all of the Great Lakes fish would be a great gift for them. This item is crafted by the Etsy store Charlie and Georgia, which ships out of Garden City, MI. The cost start at $6.00 but will vary depending on the size that you choose. As well, you can order this sticker in a number of different colors.

3. The One with Actual Michigan Photos 

Via/ Etsy store Gifford Effect

From the Etsy store Gifford Effect, this tiny sticker includes actual photos from Michigan. According to the seller,

One is the northern lights in the U.P. The other photo was taken in Lake Harbor Park in Muskegon.

You can find this same design in the form of magnets, Christmas ornaments and more. However, for the sticker there is only one size and it'll cost $5.50.

4. With All the Cities

Via/ Etsy Store Tyrian Design

While there's no way every single town and city in Michigan could be featured on a single sticker, I would say this shop did a pretty good job! Sold by the Etsy store Tyrian Design, this unique Michigan state sticker will cost about $6.00 and comes in 3 different colors. Can you spot your city?

5. Don't Forget the Lakes 

Via/ Etsy Store Vinyl Stickers By Mood

Of course, who could forget about the lakes that make us the Great Lake State? This sticker from the Etsy store Vinyl Stickers By Moods sure didn't. Complete with tiny sailboats, fish and birds this sticker will cost you $4.50.

6. Hand Drawn Michigan

Via/ Etsy Store Wild Slice Designs

If this sticker looks like it was hand drawn that's because it was! Or, at least the original design was. Sold by the Etsy store Wild Slice Designs the little details like the lighthouse, Mackinac Bridge and tiny little stars in the night sky are what caught my attention. This sticker comes in one size and is priced at $4.95.

7. Watercolor Michigan 

Via Etsy Store Wild Decal

A bit more delicate than others on this list, this sticker from the Etsy store Wild Decal perfectly combines beautiful shades of purples, blues and pinks for this watercolor design. You can choose your size, 2x2 inches to 10x10 inches and, of course, prices will vary by size.

8. The Hands

Via/ Etsy Store Vinyl Stickers by Mood

Iconic. Here in Michigan we get to hold the rare honor of being able to point out where we live by simply using our hands. This sticker, sold by the Etsy store Vinyl Stickers by Moods, perfectly captures that. I have a feeling this will be wildly confusing to those who don't live in Michigan but will be a well understood "inside joke" to those that do. You can buy it today for $4.50.

9. Ope 

Via Etsy Store The Dome Designs

Last but certainly not could I ever do a list about Michigan stickers and not include one that utilizes the most over-used phrase in the Midwest, "Ope"? I love this sticker. It's not necessarily bright or loud but it will immediately ring true for any Midwesterner who finds themselves saying anything along the lines of, "Ope. Let me sneak right past ya." Sold by the Etsy store The Dome Designers, you can purchase this sticker for $6.00.

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