Am I the only who does this? Anytime I feel the need to be distracted the first app I open is the Etsy app. Whether it's browsing for unique gifts or just looking at jewelry I absolutely cannot afford, it's an easy way to get my mind off whatever is going on in the world.

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Out of curiosity, I recently searched for "Kalamazoo" related products just to see what was out there. There are a lot of results, most of which centered on WMU. However, in my opinion, there were a few that really stood out. Here are the 6 most unique results when searching 'Kalamazoo' on Etsy:

1. An Original Watercolor & Acrylic Painted Map of Downtown Kalamazoo

Via/Etsy - galinKalamazoo

Sold by the Etsy store, thegalinKalamazoo, this $45 hand painted map shows the major landmarks in downtown Kalamazoo along with a few gorgeous illustrations. Her store includes a wide variety of drawings and watercolor paintings. This particular watercolor is limited in quantity. If you'd like to purchase it you can find it here.

2. A Wooden, Laser-Cut Campus Map of WMU

Via/ Etsy - SilvanArtCompany

This unique gift, from the Etsy store SilvanArtCompany, will cost you a bit more but look at those details! This laser-cut map shows the entirety of the WMU campus and would certainly be a great gift for a WMU graduate. Prices start at $199 and you can purchase it here.

3. A Vintage Kalamazoo Postcard from 1906

Via/Etsy - EphemeraFan

The Etsy store, EphemeraFan, focuses on vintage postcards. This one happens to be from Kalamazoo "The Home of Celery". The description reads,

postmarked from Mattawan, Michigan, in 1906. This is an authentic, original vintage postcard, not a digital scan, reprint or reproduction.

What an incredible sliver of history for $12. If you'd like to purchase it you can do so here.

4. A Sticker with the Map of Michigan on a Fortune Telling Hand 

Via/ Etsy - Action Pink

At $4.00, this sticker would be a great gift for a Michigander who is also a fan of the world of fortune telling. Or if you just have a friend who loves all things "spooky season". The store, Action Pink, is based in Lansing and offers a number of different kinds of stickers. For this particular sticker, you can purchase it here.

5. A Ladies' Library Association Cookbook from the 1990's

Via/Etsy - Lilywhitefish

Side note that has nothing to do with this shop or this cookbook: I recently heard a teenager refer to the 1990's as the late 1900's and it nearly killed me.

With that out of the way, this $10.50 vintage cookbook includes 110 pages of recipes. The Ladies' Library Association was the first woman's club in Michigan and third in the nation. Often times, recipes from years past don't often hold up well (I'm looking at you Lime Jello Salad) but reviews speak highly of include recipes. See the store, Lilywhitefish, here and purchase the vintage cookbook here.

6. Kalamazoo Map Rocks Glass 

Via/Etsy - WellTold

This Etsy store, WellTold, customizes glasses for states and cites across the country. This glass is 11oz, etched with the streets of Kalamazoo and will cost you $17.95. WellTold offers free shipping on orders over $35 and has hundreds of other maps should  your favorite town be somewhere other than Kalamazoo. You can purchase the Kalamazoo rocks glass here.

Like I said before, there were a ton of results when I searched 'Kalamazoo' on Etsy. So, even if you're looking for a kind of gift that you don't see here, chances are you may find it on Etsy.

If, like me, you find yourself browsing for things you can't actually afford...there's still hope. Apparently, these tips will help you win the lottery...

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