SNL Returning Alec Baldwin's Trump With Kristen Wiig
Complicit or otherwise, SNL knew that the first post-election show needed a note of relief, moreso than reminders of Trump’s victory. Presidential portrayer Alec Baldwin even expressed uncertainty he’d ever don the wig for SNL again, but sources confirm the sketch series’ take o…
Cubs Catcher David Ross Tweets Goodbye to Baseball
One of the feel good storylines of the Cubs' World Series victory was "Grandpa" David Ross. He had previously announced his retirement after the post season was over, and then in Game 7 he was thrust into the spotlight. And has stayed there in the aftermath.
SNL Brilliantly Satirizes Faith-Based Dramas in New Trailer
Maybe a better title for this fake trailer for a fake faith-based drama would be God's Not Gay, but you can see how that one might have been a bit too risky. In the one sketch that didn't feature guest host Julia Louis-Dreyfus, SNL offers this hilariously silly satire of movies like God&ap…