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Crucial Squared Circle: Dream Matches
In the new episode we talk about the new title belts in WWE, how and why story lines that worked 20 years ago, no longer work in this age, a short recap of Takeover/ Survivor Series, then we get into some Dream matches we would have loved to see between wrestlers in their prime
Crucial Squared Circle: Most Fearsome Wrestlers Ever
In this weeks episode, Franchise, Davison, and T shoot on WWE talent getting held hostage overseas, AEW and their build up to the PPV, whiny wrestling fans, and odd calls by creative. We also touch on the most savage, dangerous, and most scary wrestlers ever in the industry. Enjoy our nonsense!
Crucial Squared Circle Podcast: Introduction
This first episode of Crucial Squared Circle is an introduction to who we are as wrestling fans, our feelings on the current state of the wrestling world, a view of how we see wrestling evolving going forward, and we re-live the nostalgia on the wrestling world of old.
Most Crucial Podcast: Uganada/Kalamazoo's Samuel Nalangira
Samuel Nalangira was a absolute joy to talk to. A native of Uganda in East Africa, Samuel is a dance choreographer and musician who specializes in unorthodox instruments that he has created over the years. He performed in studio using some of his unique instruments and presented his take on African …

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