Live Nation Will Require Vaccine For Concertgoers
Live Nation made a huge announcement stating that being Oct 4. concertgoers will be required to have a COVID-19 vaccine in order to attend their concert.
Live Nation is the biggest event coordinator/promoter in the game, and if they're saying you have to be vaccinated to attend one of their even…
The Perfect Bands For A Drive-In Performance
At one point in the show the band sprays the crowd with Faygo pop, so no need to buy the family drinks. Just have the wife and kids open up and fill up with a cool refreshing red pop bath.
Bummed Out Is The Best Way To Describe A Summer Without Concerts
I miss long lines to the bathroom. I miss the the long lines to get a $12 beer. I miss passing the shirtless stoned guy who is sitting in the middle of the aisle with his head in his hands. I miss the loud talking woman who thought she could still fit into the low cut shirt and tight jeans she use t…