It's not everyday you encounter a situation that tugs your heartstrings into action, but that exact situation happened last Wednesday.

I (Nico) had been helping my grandparents move out of their townhouse at an apartment complex in Springfield that evening. As I came out with an armful of stuff, I saw this pathetic looking kitten sitting in the parking lot right next to my grandparents' minivan.

TSM/Battle Creek

The poor thing was ragged and dirty, and had a nose caked with snot. I knew I couldn't leave him there and live with myself, so I picked him up, loaded him in my car, and drove to the Dickman Rd. Veterinary Clinic.

TSM/Battle Creek

WBCK's own Dr. Pete told me he was about 4 or 5 months old, and had tested negative for serious conditions like leukemia. However, in order to treat whatever infection was affecting his sinuses, he gave us an antibiotic and sent us on our way.

TSM/Battle Creek

Now I was faced with a dilemma; what am I going to do with this cat? I couldn't take him home, as I have relatives who are deathly allergic to the animals. We eventually found a temporary solution; he could stay at the radio station here on Golden Avenue, while Tim Collins and I searched for his permanent home.

After a few days, we found it! A relative-of-a-co-worker-of-a-relative, we got in touch with Sue O'Connell and she was glad to take him in. She had just had to put down her cat, and she seems to have taken nicely to this one! She named him Milo.

I very much am grateful for my experience in rescuing this kitty. He leaves my life as quickly as he entered it; I had a few people say things to me like "what's the point?" and "you can't save the world", citing the fact that there are several stray cats in that area of Springfield. However, I'm of the mind that if you are capable of carrying out an act of kindness, you should do it, no matter how small it is.

I can't save every cat, but with the help of some great people like Tim, Dr. Pete, Irena from The Scoop, and Sue, we absolutely could save this one.