A kiddie roller coaster was stolen from the Union County Fair and they want it back.

If you think this sounds like the impossible crime to get away with...you may be right.  Nevermind the fact that a roller coaster isn't exactly something you can sell on the black market or even hide easily.  How about the fact that News5Cleveland.com is sharing a screen shot from the traffic camera that caught you driving away,

Authorities said the theft happened on Aug. 28 in Marysville, Ohio. The coaster was on a purple and green trailer with alligator-designed train cars. The trailer has a Maine license plate that reads: 22-1246A

The vehicle involved is a white Dodge Ram pickup truck with a flatbed. It was spotted by a traffic camera with the coaster in tow.

There are so many things wrong with this crime.

#1. What are you going to do with a stolen roller coaster?

#2.  People are probably going to think it's weird that you now own a roller coaster.

#3.  WHY?


Ohio...STOP IT!