Look, we get it.  There are certain advantages to being a police officer.  You can roll through red lights and stop signs.  You can drive a little faster than everyone else.  Police officers put their lives on the line every day, so most people have no issue with them being able to get away with things a little easier than the rest of us.  But in this case, it sure seems like this police chief was abusing his power just a bit.

Video has recently been made public of the chief of the Brinkley Police Department in Brinkley, Ark. being pulled over on October 21. In dashcam video from the officer that pulled over the chief, you can see the officer approach the vehicle and immediately recognize who he had pulled over. The two then begin to laugh and the officer tells the chief that he clocked him at 107MPH in a 45MPH zone. Damn! After a brief chat, the officer walks back to his car and the chief left and continued on his way.

Not surprisingly, the chief declined to be interviewed on camera, but said that his truck is governed at 95MPH.  He also said that he was not even close to that speed when he was pulled over.