There have been quite a few stories breaking throughout the state the past year about people spotting rare deer. More notably, there was the unfortunate story about the slain albino deer that was in Lake County. But recently in Paw Paw, a woman and her boyfriend spotted a very rare deer for this year, and it almost looks like a cow and a deer mixed together. Amy Weaver discussed how she spotted the animal:

We were headed South on M-40, just past Brookside Farms into Paw Paw on our way to drop my Boyfriend off at work and take my Son to the Doctors office and we seen something white coming from the field, We weren't sure what it was at first, as we've never seen one around here before. I slowed way down so we didn't take a chance on it running out in front of us, ~And my Boyfriend jumped out of the truck and took a few pictures of him. He works at Paw Paw Collison and he showed his buddy who told him it is a Piebald Deer. He was definitely a very Beautiful sight to see this morning!

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Provided by Amy Weaver
Provided by Amy Weaver
Provided by Amy Weaver

What Is A Piebald Deer?

Piebal Deer are actually normal whitetail deer that have a genetic abnormality responsible for the piebald deer's appearance. It's a rare condition that affects less than 2% of the whitetail deer population. Many believe that "Protecting these deer can directly lead to more fawns being born with serious, even crippling, health issues down the road."

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