To quote Letterkenny, "bad gas travels fast" in a small town, and the same can be said for the internet. Carl Nelson, owner of Pronto Pup in Grand Haven, Michigan is learning that lesson after a post he made on his personal Facebook page regarding face masks and the Black Lives Matter movement raised some eyebrows. His rant included his preference to being shut down by the Heath Department over havin his employees wear masks, and painting "White Lives Matter" on a street in Grand Haven, stating that both the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement are both political ploys by Democrats.

The post, which has since been removed from the Pronto Pup Grand Haven Facebook page, stated in part, quote,

Have a seat. This is going to hurt a little.

Today after playing phone tag with the Ottawa County Health Department regarding the Executive Order to wear a mask while working, I discovered some things.

An (sic) "higher" education does not make you capable of critical thought. It makes you educated, not smarter. (Yes there is a difference). When a rule/order/directive is issued, it has a blanket policy. Period. I am referring to standing over a 395 degree cooker of oil, INSIDE an exhaust fan and trying to reason with our book learning inspector (Over the phone) why a mask is irrelevant and useless in this particular case. This is the issue with no real world experience in working. No thought process. The inspector just sited from the current Executive Order. I was told my reasoning was presented to the board but I hope its not true or the board is right at the inpectors (sic) level intellectually. That scares me.

My personal opinion is the have the Health Department shut me down. (That looks better for me in the future law suit)

Nelson received a LOT of backlash with people posting memes and gifs about Black Lives Matter and calling to cancel his business. While these comments filtered in, more of Carl Nelson's past posts surfaced:

One such section of Nelson's rant said, quote:

...We will remain open until someone claims the color of the building is offensive. (White).

...i (sic) am going to grab a good friend (Jerry) and make 12' stencil patterns and paint WHITE LIVES MATTER down the first the blocks of Washington street. Any bets on the outcome? BLM has absolutely noting to do with racism. Its funded by Soros and the Democratic part (sic) to destroy our economy.

...The first one that says White Privilege gets an as Whooping. My Dad never owned your Dad.


The backlash led to Nelson posting an apology on the Pronto Pups Facebook page that has since been taken down, but according to an article from WOOD TV, the apology said, in part, "As the deterioration of our nation and freedom as we have enjoyed over the decades begin to dwindle away,… I snapped."

Not much of an apology as it's more of an explanation. I suppose its up to the paying public to support this business or collectively cancel.