I discovered the band Hed P.E. 20 years ago. Since then, through networking, I've discovered the story of the original line-up dipped back to the 80's. A group of incredibly talented individuals with different styles, tastes, backgrounds, and influences came together from different bands to create something TRULY unique. A band with the heaviness of Korn, with the G-Funk California Hip-Hop influence, which ended up being a one of a kind project. This year, Hed P.E.'s second album, Broke, turns 20. Vocalist Jahred Gomes is the only original member still in Hed, who are prepared to release their new album, Class of 2020, next month.

Recently Hed P.E.'s original guitarist Chad Benekos has been releasing videos every week, from the Broke album era, featuring never before seen footage. He's finally announced that these videos are culminating to the release of a documentary, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the album. The documentary, Touring For Broke: A Hed P.E. Film, is highly anticipated by hardcore Hed fans, and Chad himself. He plans on releasing an uncut version for a limited time this Saturday:

So here’s the deal with the movie.
I’ve been working on it for about a year and a half now and it’s just about done. I still have some things to finish and some color correcting in the music video sequences but for the most part it’s finished.
In order to fulfill my promise to the fans and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Broke album, I’m going to upload the film for public view this Saturday, August 22 on my YouTube channel. This is going to be my directors cut, raw and uncensored and it may only be available for a limited time as I plan on finishing the films color and sound. In the future we’d like to see the film released across all platforms so stay tuned! In the meantime make sure to subscribe to the channel and we’ll see you soon.

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