The reaction of this small Ohio church to the burglary is hilarious.

The Akron Alliance Fellowship Church just had a new AC unit installed about 3 weeks ago.  It cost them $3,500.  Which is a lot of money for a small church.  Just a couple days after the unit was installed Pastor Gus Brown made the shocking discovery that it was gone according to Fox 8 Cleveland,

“They cut the wires nicely, they cut the tubing with a tubing cutter. They had to know what they were doing. It had to be at least two, because one person would not have been able to pick it up,” Brown said.

Stealing from a church?  Really?  What's next Ohio thieves?  Maybe they'll rob an adult daycare next?

Well, the church made my day when they changed the message on their sign to say, "Whoever stole our A C Unit: Keep it. It’s hot where you’re going."

Congrats Pastor Gus Brown, you won the internet!