An Ashtabula Township, Ohio woman may need to layoff the sugar before she ends up in jail.

We've all experienced received incorrect orders in a drive-thru right?  That's how this started.  What could have been a simple matter of problem solving escalated to a not so sweet moment at Dunkin Donuts according to the Star Beacon,

The woman, who isn’t being named because she has not yet been charged with a crime, reportedly ordered two donuts and a coffee at the drive-thru.  After receiving the order, the woman said the coffee was wrong, the report states. An employee reportedly told the woman to pull up and her order would be fixed. That’s when things took a turn for the worst.

The customer claimed that she couldn't taste any sugar in her coffee.  So she allegedly marched inside the store and began yelling curse words and threw a donut at an employee's head.  I'm no scientist, but maybe the last thing this woman needs is more sugar.

BREAKING NEWS: Every business and many homes have security cameras.  If you act like a fool it will be captured on video.

The video of the angry customer throwing a fit and a donut is yet to surface on the internet.  However, the police were able to use the footage to find the owner of the angry sweet tooth.

Side note: The Dunkin Donuts manager did in fact give this customer a new coffee and the angry woman told police she would go back to the store and apologize.

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