If you like his face tattoos you're going to love his hand tatts.


It's almost like Ohio read the story about the Indiana criminal with "Crime Pays" tattooed on his forehead and said, "hold my beer."

Other than the very stylish "Pot Head" tattoo, Douglas Perry Christopher has "Lone" on his left hand and "Wolf" on his right hand.  It's hard to believe this guy is wanted for a crime, am I right?  Well, this where the funny stops.  Christopher is a sex offender according to WTRF.com,

The Sheriff’s Office is looking for Douglas Perry Christopher.  The office warns not to attempt to apprehend and to call law enforcement immediately.  Christopher has a warrant charge for failure to provide a change of address.  His last known address was in Belpree, OH.

The Smoking Gun says that the 51-year-old convicted sex offender was originally charged in 2010,

Christopher was convicted of sexual battery in 2010 and spent more than 3-1/2 years in state prison.  Christopher is classified as a Tier III sex offender and is required to register with police every 90 days for the rest of his life.

The police stress that you should not approach this man if you see him.  Just contact the authorities immediately.  Here's the full description provided by the Washington County Sheriff,

Age:  51; DOB:  11/25/1968
Height:  5’10”; Weight: 230 lbs.
Hair:  brown; Eyes:  brown

TAT Face – “Pot Head” with pot leaf across forehead & eye brows
TAT Fingers, left hand – “LONE”
TAT Fingers, right hand – “WOLF”
TAT Back – Cross
TAT Leg, left – Cards, A, K, Q, J of spades
TAT Leg, right – Theater Masks “Laugh Now, Cry Later”
TAT Arm, right – ½ sleeve
TAT Arm, left – ½ sleeve
TAT Neck – Cross w/Crown

Who's gonna tell this guy that "pothead" is one word?  Not it.