This Ohio man just wants some freakin' sleep.  Maybe the police can help.

This is the story of a man in Lyndhurst, OH that just wants to go to sleep.  The problem is, his wife will not leave him alone according to,

At 10:40 p.m. Aug. 6, a man, 56, called dispatch requesting that police help him because his wife, 52, would not let him sleep. The man said he needed to sleep, but that his wife would not leave him alone.

I don't know about you but having the police show up at my house wouldn't be the magic bullet that would lull me to sleep.  In fact, I'm sure I would be wide awake after a visit from law enforcement.

Police did in fact show up at the residence.  The couple agreed to "leave each other alone" for the rest of the night.

There's no word on if the man got any sleep.