A 45-year-old Ohio man made one bad decision after another before and after his DUI accident.

Getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle while intoxicated is an example of a very bad decision.  Then there's the accident that bad decision lead to.  The 45-year-old suspect crashed his car into a guardrail at the I-71 / 480 split.  He claims a driver cut him off and caused him to crash.

The next bad decision was telling the Brook Park police officers that he would participate in a field sobriety test after he urinated.  The police told him to hold it and that if he peed on the interstate he would be arrested.  The suspect responded by saying, "are you serious?" followed by dropping his pants and peeing toward oncoming vehicles.  He then urinated all over himself as he was handcuffed.

His final bad decision was when he tried to escape police custody after he was handcuffed according to Cleveland.com,

He tried to break free, but police pulled him toward the ambulance. Police and the driver fell to the ground, and the driver stopped struggling.

There's no word on if the suspect got a cool nickname in jail like Pee Dribbly or Old Yeller.

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