A customer's bad hair day became a barber's bad foot day.

We've all been victims of a bad hair cut at least once in our lives, right?  My reaction to a bad hair cut is just to pay then quietly leave and never come back.  Then I might go all Karen on them over social media.  But how does an alleged bad hair cut escalate into pulling out a gun and shooting someone?

That's what happened last Sunday in Columbus, Ohio according to NBCI4,

Police are investigating after a man said he was shot over a disagreement about a haircut.  Columbus Division of Police says officers were dispatched to an area hospital on Wednesday on the call of a walk-in shooting victim.

This story leaves me with a lot of unanswered questions.

#1 If this happened on Sunday, why weren't the police called until Wednesday?  Isn't the hospital required to call the police when they receive a patient with a gunshot wound?

#2 Just how bad was this haircut?

Don't get me wrong, there's never a good reason to shoot someone.  But seriously, how bad was that haircut?

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