It was announced yesterday that after a 9-year hiatus, the Circuit City Corporation is returning and this time they say for good. The cutting-edge technology store, which ceased operations back in 2009, is coming back with what CEO Ronny Shmoel describes as "a new, more personalized online shopping experience."

Twice reported Monday that Shmoel promised AI-driven recommendations fueled by IBM's Watson platform, plus unexplained "augmented reality" and "search by photo" features. He also promised "real-time tech support via video chat," however two-way video chat has yet to be confirmed.

With all this going on and the excitement of having on of my favorite childhood stores back, these are my Top 5 stores I want to see return in the future:

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1. Major Magic's: You knew that if you were having a birthday party at this place it was gonna be lit. From the walrus that you crawled around in to the Big Bertha ball throwing game, this place was everything. The pizza and cake were perfect. The live animatronic animal band was the best. There is currently a facebook page dedicated to the revival of Major Magic's and I hope it can live and breathe again. There were multiple locations of these throughout Michigan and Ohio.

2. Builders Square: This big-box home improvement retailer was right across the street from me growing up and I still remember the sweet smell of fresh cut timber walking into this great do-it-yourself kingdom. Sadly it was purchased by the company who owns The Home Depot in 1997. I think they should give it one more go though.


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3. A&W Drive-Thrus: There's nothing like pulling into an A&W, ordering a juicy Bacon Cheeseburger, crunchy fries with an ice cold A&W Root Beer and have them brought right to your car for you to enjoy. I remember when they had these all over the place. Now, sadly only a few remain throughout Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio. I want the classic A&W experience back.

4. Harmony House: This ultimate music store was founded in 1947 in Hazel Park, MI. I spent so many hours as a kid in the store listening to music and discovering so many new bands. Nowhere now allows you to go out and talk music while discovering new albums and bands. We need this kind of atmosphere to return.

5. Farmer Jack: This Detroit based grocery store was the absolute best. I'll never forget those jingles played all over the radio and television. The first time I had coffee it was the Farmer Jack brand and I still remember how good it tasted. It was always savings time at Farmer Jack.

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