The Most Crucial podcast is hosted by 104.9 The Edge's Night host Mark "Franchise" Frankhouse and is recorded throughout the month. Mark is joined in person or over the phone with Local, National, and even International musicians, writers, actors, and people from all sources of entertainment. The show appeals to those who grew up during the Nickelodeon, Nu-Metal, Cheesy Horror film, "Attitude Era" Wrestling, and all around "90's kid" time period, while also dabbling into different topics from that era as well.

On this episode, I was lucky enough to meet the original drummer of my favorite band, Iron Maiden. Doug Sampson, Chop Pitman, Tony Hatton, and Ivan Giannini form AIRFORCE, from the UK. Their music is a blend of Iron maiden and Judas Priest and delivers hard! They continue to work with former and current members of Iron Maiden and are blazing their own trail of metal across the world. Doug Sampson was the drummer in Iron Maiden from 1977–1979 and was part of the reason maiden landed their deal with EMI to kick-start their career. Enjoy!