The Most Crucial podcast is hosted by 104.9 The Edge's Night host Mark 'Franchise' Frankhouse and is recorded throughout the month. Mark is joined in person or over the phone with Local, National, and even International musicians, writers, actors, and people from all sources of entertainment. The show appeals to those who grew up during the "Xennial/ Millenial" era where Nickelodeon, Mtv, Nu-Metal, Cheesy Horror films, "Attitude Era" Wrestling, and all around 80's & 90's fun reigned supreme, while also dabbling into different topics from that, and other eras as well.
I had such a great time talking to Toronzo Cannon about his new album, The Preacher, The Politician Or The Pimp. We also spoke on how being a driver for the Chicago Transit Authority has influenced the topics he reflects on in his music. We also talked about some of the social issues which have always affected blues musicians, as well as the social issues affecting us all today and how he confronts them through his music, rather than stray away from them. Toronzo is about to kick off a tour, which makes two stops in Michigan. The Alligator Records musician offers a fresh take on the blues with his unique sounds and subject matter, which is easy to relate to. Enjoy!