The Most Crucial podcast is hosted by 104.9 The Edge's Night host Mark 'Franchise' Frankhouse and is recorded throughout the month. Mark is joined in person or over the phone with Local, National, and even International musicians, writers, actors, and people from all sources of entertainment. The show appeals to those who grew up during the "Xennial/ Millenial" era where Nickelodeon, Mtv, Nu-Metal, Cheesy Horror films, "Attitude Era" Wrestling, and all around 80's & 90's fun reigned supreme, while also dabbling into different eras and speaking with artists who have made a tremendous impact in the world of entertainment.

This interview was very special to me because I was able to speak a super talented musician, A.J. Croce. A.J. is the son of Jim Croce, whose 18 month career came to a tragic end in 1973. Still, he's regarded as one of, if not, the best storyteller musicians of all time. A.J. is a phenom in his own right, having played music his whole life. Croce is a multi- instrumentalist, vocalist and unique storyteller of his own. His "Croce Plays Croce" tour pays tribute to his father's work, the music they were bonded by through his father's album collection, and some of A.J.'s own music as well. He's currently touring with legendary drummer Gary Mallaber (Steve Miller Band, Peter Frampton, Van Morrison, Eddie Money) and long time Dr. John Bassist, David Barard. A.J. and I discuss the future of music being in independent artists, his future projects and plans, and some of his most memorable moments he's had in the industry, being a musician. ENJOY!

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