The Most Crucial podcast is hosted by 104.9 The Edge's Night host Mark 'Franchise' Frankhouse and is recorded throughout the month. Mark is joined in person or over the phone with Local, National, and even International musicians, writers, actors, and people from all sources of entertainment. The show appeals to those who grew up during the Nickelodeon, Nu-Metal, Cheesy Horror film, "Attitude Era" Wrestling, and all around "90's kid" time period, while also dabbling into different topics from that era as well.

I had the incredible honor of talking to a guy who has been with legendary rock band Chicago for 24 of their 52 years. Keith is a seasoned professional who has been Chicago's lone guitarist since 1995. We discuss how he landed his current gig, his band-mates' influence on his playing, the state of the music industry, the art of creating an album, some of his favorite bands now, new projects, and how music can take you to undiscovered places. This was an incredible experience which I'll always remember before meeting him and the band after their epic performance in Chicago.