The Most Crucial podcast is hosted by 104.9 The Edge's Night host Mark "Franchise" Frankhouse and is recorded throughout the month. Mark is joined in person or over the phone with Local, National, and even International musicians, writers, actors, and people from all sources of entertainment. The show appeals to those who grew up during the Nickelodeon, Nu-Metal, Cheesy Horror film, "Attitude Era" Wrestling, and all around "90's kid" time period, while also dabbling into different topics from that era as well.

This episode was truly special for me as part 2 of my somewhat "Maiden" series, as I sat down with Blaze Bayley, who was the singer for Iron Maiden from 94'-99', and was on two of their albums, The X-Factor (1995) & Virtual XI (1998). Blaze talks about coming back to The Token Lounge in Westland, MI for a 4th time that night on May 9th, wrapping up the Infinite Entanglement album Trilogy, his current Eagle Spirit Tour, future plans, and also answers some fan questions as well. Blaze also briefly touches on his time with Maiden and also his enthusiasm with his current band. After the interview, you can watch a live performance of Blaze's "The World Is Turning The Wrong Way" recorded live that night from The Token Lounge. Footage was shot by George S Pogacich and Rick Arnett and edited by George S Pogacich, whose permission was granted to use in our video. Special thanks to Mark Appleton & Blaze Bayley. Music by Blaze Bayley. ENJOY!

Blaze Bayley is:
Blaze Bayley- Vocals
Chris Appleton- Guitar
Karl Schramm- Bass
Martin McNee- Drums