Reason #457 why I am glad I don't have kids.

A Lansing, Michigan mom is mad at an area bakery for not only not accommodating her daughter's birthday party guests as promised, but also over a unicorn cake she calls 'embarrassing'.

According to Alexandra Schroeder, she spent a lot of time planning here daughter's 5th birthday at Whipped Bakery. Schroeder claims the bakery did not deliver on the deal. After calling the bakery out publicly, the bakery allegedly called her out as well for not paying her bill and trashing the bakery.

The topper (no pun intended) here for me is the cake. Alexandra called the shape of the unicorn horn embarrassing (see below). What? It's a unicorn cake, NOT an actual unicorn (that would have been extra). This cake was for 5-year-old's, get your mind out of the gutter.

No one wins here, the bakery gets a bad wrap, and clearly the 5-year-old will never look at a unicorn the same again (kidding). Maybe next year mommy dearest will order a baseball bat cake instead?

KGET News via YouTube
KGET News via YouTube


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