The family dog's innocent mistake lead to a house fire.  The terrifying moment was caught on the indoor security camera.

This adorable golden retriever in Lake Orion, Michigan is named Finn.  Finn's human, Richard Veyna, recently put his pup on a diet.  That might be why the fury family member waited for Veyna to take his kids to school before checking both sides of the kitchen island for snacks.  Finn was going for the yummy cotton candy that was left on the stove.  Oh yeah, important note: that kitchen island include a stove top. (Scroll down for the full video.)

Fox 2 Detroit YouTube

After foraging to kitchen island for goodies, it was nap time.

Fox 2 Detroit YouTube

Moments later, Finn had a rude awakening in the form of a very loud fire alarm.

Fox 2 Detroit YouTube

Finn has apparently swiped a button that turned on a burner quickly igniting a nearby cardboard box.

Fox 2 Detroit YouTube

ADT alerted the local fire department who quickly responded and saved 2 dogs, 1 cat and a fish from the home before putting the fire out.

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The home isn't a total loss.  However, the family is expected to be out of the house for months due to smoke damage.  No humans or animals were hurt during this tragic accident.  There's another silver lining according to Fox 2 Detroit,

ADT will also make a $5,000 contribution to the Lake Orion Fire Department and provide pet alert window stickers.


Let's celebrate all of the fury family members of that home making it out unharmed by scrolling thru pictures of dogs in kayaks.

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