We've all had that sinking feeling. You're running late for work, throw your stuff together and fly out the house.  You lock and shut the door behind you. Then you quick check your pocket.  You grabbed the keys, right? Nope. They're still sitting on your counter just inside the door. You immediately begin thinking of the best way to break in to your own house and retrieve your keys.

That's exactly what happened to this gentleman in Detroit, except the best option for getting into his house was the narrow basement window. He tried to crawl inside and slipped, catching his feet just right in the window frame. He found himself dangling upside down, just inches above a rising tide of floodwater. For hours.

His neighbor found him the next morning still dangling in the same position, and probably in a great deal of discomfort at that point. Luckily, the guy is okay. And fortunately for him, everyone in this news story did a really good job holding back their laughter.