Matthew Hager of Kannapolos, NC had a bed bug problem, so he did what anyone else in a similar situation would do: he packed all of his clothes in garbage bags and put them out on his front porch so the heat would kill the bugs. A few days later when he went to retrieve his threads, they were gone! And all that was left behind was a receipt from the local thrift shop, thanking Hager for his "donation."

Apparently, an employee of the thrift shop was driving by and assumed that the garbage bags were a donation. So they were scooped up, and Matthew was left with literally the shirt on his back. Bad news for that guy!

The TV news station tried to track down the donations, but found out that donated items pretty much go into a black hole once picked up. They're either donated quickly, or, in the case of Hager's clothes, possibly destroyed if they're known to contain bed bugs.

So it looks like Hager will be headed out to pick up some new duds in the near future, because one way or another, these clothes are gone!