You won't believe the messages this Detroit man sent a Kalamazoo woman he's never met.

Last week a Kalamazoo woman who wishes to remain anonymous received very strange messages from a LinkedIn profile with the name Paul Leonard Mifsud.  You can see screen shots of these messages below.

Dana Marshall

That was followed by this...

Dana Marshall

This would be funny if it weren't so disturbing.  Who is this guy anyway?  His LinkedIn says he's Executive Director at Healthy Country Incorperated.  Yes, he spelled incorporated incorrectly.  My first thought was to contact his employer.  However, I couldn't find anything about this company on the internet.  Which leads me to believe it's fake.

His about me section says the following,

Experienced Executive Director with a demonstrated history of working in the executive office industry. Skilled in Business Planning, Carpentry, Customer Service, Wellness Coaching, and Microsoft Office. Strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Technology - BTech focused in Industrial Technology/Technician from Central Michigan University.

After searching for more info on Mr. Mifsud, I've found that he has at least 2 facebook profiles and he's friends with himself.  One of the facebook profiles show that he has 61 friends which are 90% half naked models or teens from Colombia, the Philippines and Vietnam.  The other profile is similar with just 18 friends.

I've reached out to Paul Mifsud for comment and haven't heard back at the time this story was published.

Many of us think of LinkedIn as being a place where you are uber professional.  You don't post personal stuff or get in political arguments like twitter or facebook.  However, this bad behavior is nothing new according to's story from a couple years ago titled, "It's 2017, and women are still being harassed on LinkedIn."  In this story numerous women talk about the frequent creepy messages as some men are treating this career site as a dating app.

LinkedIn says the following about harassment on their site,

Harassment is not tolerated on LinkedIn. If another member is repeatedly contacting you on our website or using hostile language, click here to see the steps you can take to block that member and report the inappropriate behavior.

Have you had something similar happen to you?  Let us know in the comments.