A new report gives Kellogg Community College  high marks, compared to other community colleges in Michigan.

More and more families are considering community college as an option, and it’s no wonder.   A year of community college is nearly three times less expensive than a year at a public four-year college.   One of the best community colleges in Michigan is Kellogg Community College, according to WalletHub’s new report.

To determine where students can receive the best education at the cheapest rates, WalletHub compared 715 community colleges across 17 key indicators of cost and quality. The data set ranges from the cost of in-state tuition and fees to student-faculty ratio to graduation rate.

KCC ranked #2, behind Mott Community College.    Kalamazoo Valley ranked 17th.   KCC also was rated above average, compared to all of the community colleges in the USA.

Here are the rankings in Michigan:

Michigan 1 Mott Community College 46.61
Michigan 2 Kellogg Community College 46.19
Michigan 3 Delta College 45.77
Michigan 4 Bay Mills Community College 45.65
Michigan 5 Bay de Noc Community College 44.99
Michigan 6 Gogebic Community College 44.3
Michigan 7 Monroe County Community College 44.11
Michigan 8 Saginaw Chippewa Tribal College 44.01
Michigan 9 Glen Oaks Community College 43.81
Michigan 10 Macomb Community College 43.53
Michigan 11 West Shore Community College 43.44
Michigan 12 St Clair County Community College 43.15
Michigan 13 Montcalm Community College 42.77
Michigan 14 Washtenaw Community College 42.75
Michigan 15 Lansing Community College 42.25
Michigan 16 Kirtland Community College 41.74
Michigan 17 Kalamazoo Valley Community College 41.44
Michigan 18 Southwestern Michigan College 40.54
Michigan 19 North Central Michigan College 39.62
Michigan 20 Oakland Community College 39.57
Michigan 21 Grand Rapids Community College 38.77
Michigan 22 Mid Michigan Community College 38.38
Michigan 23 Muskegon Community College 37.6
Michigan 24 Wayne County Community College District 36.86