A man in a Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees mask lost his mind at a Best Western hotel for the strangest reason.

It was about 1:30 am on a recent Saturday morning when this strange situation when down according to Cleveland.com,

The man wore a mask depicting a violent character from the movie “Friday the 13th.” He walked into the hotel, placed a credit card on the front counter and asked for a room. When a hotel worker asked for the man’s identification, he became enraged.



The suspect allegedly began smashing art on the walls of the Best Western Airport Inn & Suites with a baseball bat before walking down the halls and disappearing.

It looks like Voorhees' fame has gone to his head in this classic "do you know who I am" moment.  He just couldn't believe that he would have to show ID.  Not being recognized must have cut like a machete.  But when did Jason start carrying a baseball bat?

On a serious note.  It's unclear from the report if the suspect was in fact, wearing a hockey mask to look like the Friday the 13th character.  It sounds as if he was wearing a Covid-19 mask with a Friday the 13th theme.

Either way, the angry man with no identification is still at large.  It's unlikely that we'll see him until the next Friday the 13th this November.

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