Do you recognize this dog? He was sold on Wednesday, October 28, 2021, in Kalamazoo.

It was a strange sight according to Angela who works in a store off West Main Street in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She says a young male was walking around with the dog pictured above unleashed. The dog was running in and out of traffic. The male brought the dog into multiple stores unrestrained and was asked to leave each time.

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The dog was described as brindle in color with white patches, happy, sweet, maybe a little on the thin side. The male that had the dog approached every person in the parking lot asking if anyone wanted to buy the dog. When asked if the dog was his, the male gave different people different answers.

Courtesy of Angela Collins
Courtesy of Angela Collins
Courtesy of Angela Collins

Multiple concerned citizens contacted the police. Animal Control officers came, but the male disappeared with the dog. Once officers left, the male returned with the dog.

Angela says that a woman then approached the male with a leash and collar in hand and purchased the dog. Angela says she was working and had no place to keep the dog until her shift ended, otherwise she would have purchased him to keep him safe.

Angela says she gave the woman who purchased the dog her phone number. The woman told her she wanted to keep the dog safe and find it a good home if the owners can not be found. Angela told the woman that if she is unable to find a home for the dog that she would like to take him into her home.

Angela says that she is concerned the dog belonged to someone else and that perhaps it was stolen by someone looking for some quick cash. Angela says that she has photos that would be helpful for an owner to get the animal returned. Those photos can only be given to the police once a police report is filed.

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The owner will need to file a police report and I will in turn contact Angela who will turn the photos over to the proper authorities.

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