Independence Pro Wrestling: Valor had completely packed out the YBar in Kalamazoo Saturday night the 8th, doubling the attendance from last month's "High Stakes" event. The crowd was anxious and excited as three IPW championship titles were going to be on the line. Last night proved one thing: there is a major shift occurring in Kalamazoo and Independence Pro Wrestling is the cause of that. This city is discovering just how talented and entertaining each wrestler who steps through those ropes are and IPW is becoming a MUST SEE attraction, with much action and intensity to go behind it. Valor was proof of that:

Opening Bell: As I was welcoming the crowd and thanked them for their participation in making IPW a priority in their life, the music of the Death Threat Army hit. I knew what that meant. I relinquished my microphone to their leader, IPW Michiana Champion Aaron Orion. Orion hit the mic reminding everyone of the not so successful previous event, High Stakes, in which Tommy Vendetta & Jack Price dropped their IPW Tag Titles to The Grey Wolves. He informed his team that they would need their full focus and attention on tonight, as Jack Price would be defending his Championship title against Karam. He also reminded the crowd of how he put Josh Raymond completely out of commission, after leaving him a bloody mess at High Stakes...or so he thought. Just then Josh Raymond came through the curtains with his student, Terry Van Avery, almost congratulating Orion for his victory. He made it clear he would once again climb the ranks all the way through the Death Threat Army to once again get a title shot against Orion. Just then, Jaimi Coxx hit the ring and told Raymond there was no way Raymond was getting a shot without going through him first, but that Kalamazoo was gonna have to wait for the match. The DTA dissipated from the ring and Coxx was attempting to follow lead. Well...that didn't really work out.

Match 1: Josh Raymond (vs) Jaimi Coxx- As the crowd was giving Coxx the business, Raymond decided now was the time to fight and the match began. Coxx has a strong temper and as the crowd continued the onslaught of jeers, Coxx remained distracted and angered. He was looking to make a statement by putting Raymond out for good with a spike he had brought to the ring. As he was preparing to assumingly take out Raymond's eye, the ref snatched the spike from Coxx's hand. Terry Van Avery was on the apron simultaneously and Coxx decided he was gonna get in his face and knock him out. As he threw a right hook, Avery blocked and countered with a punch of his own which led to Raymond rolling him up for the 3 count.
After the match, "The British Amazon" Heidi Katrina came out to the ring and defending her tag partner from High Stakes, Dickie Watts, after Coxx verbally assaulted him. After a few slaps to the face, she put the challenge out to Coxx. Could we see Katrina (vs) Coxx in March? We'll have to wait and see. WINNER: Josh Raymond By Pinfall.

Match 2: Derek Wolfe (vs) Felix Moreo (REMATCH)-
After Derek Wolfe was introduced, he had the audacity to come out and pay a guy $100 to be his foot stool to get in the ring. He then took the mic and began to put down Kalamazoo and let them know how much better he is than them. He described how he had just invested in Tesla Stocks recently and had made a quarter of a million dollars over night. That he was not only a financial success, but he would also be successful in the ring. His opponent Felix Moreo had defeated him at High Stakes, but Wolfe was bound for success and proved his dominance in the match and to climb the ranks in IPW. Moreo is a Kalamazoo native and had the crowd with him as Wolfe maintained dominance through the match. Moreo had new life after a fan tossed their drink in Wolfe's face, allowing Moreo to spark a comeback, if only for a few minutes. The match made its way back in the ring and after a see saw battle, Moreo locked Wolfe in an inverted sleeper hold, which Wolfe was able to escape from, then proceeded to deliver and absolutely brutal unique Facebuster to win the match. He left as the winner, but not after shoving his smug money into the mouth of Moreo. WINNER: Derek Wolfe By Pinfall.

Match 3: IPW Tag Team Championship Match
Adonis "The Chosen One" & "The Shaman of the Future" Hasao,
Gracefully Chosen w/ Truth Martini (vs) The Grey Wolves (Champions)-
Having been keeping an eye on this incredibly talented team out of the House of Truth, The Grey Wolves had a truly daunting task ahead of them as Gracefully Chosen were looking to take away the titles from the newly crowned tag champs. Truth Martini acted as a major variable in the match. This was a unique match in that, even as champions, The Grey Wolves almost seemed to be underdogs with the added disadvantage of a sneaky manager in Truth. Martini took every cheap shot and added leverage whenever he could. Even getting into the ring at one point and doing the Spinaroonie to distract the ref, allowing Gracefully Chosen to double team Jimi Grey. Jimi took the brunt of the punishment for the match. But finally after gaining an advantage which left a member of both teams on the mat, he was able to make the hot tag to Jheras Grey, who came in firing, evening up the odds and turning the match into their favor. After allowing Jimi a moment to recover they hit their finisher on Adonis. The move they used to win the Tag Titles from DTA. 1-2... kick-out at 2 1/2! All men lay on the mat. The Grey's came as close to winning that match as they would. After all men rose up, The Grey Wolves looked to put their opponents away, but once again, Truth was the deciding factor. As Jheres hit the ropes, the ref was distracted by Jimi, which allowed Truth the absolutely WRECK Jheras in the back with his giant "Book of Truth." After knocking Jimi off the apron, Gracefully Chosen destroyed Jheres with their finisher, and it was all over. 1-2-3.

Match 4: Adam Wick & Isaiah Broner (Death Threat Army) (vs) Caleb Stills & Nate Bock-
The Death Threat Army were looking to make quick victims out of Stills & Bock. It was quite clear that this was going to be a challenge for them as normally there's a certain dynamic which has its weak points within tag teams. The team of Wick & Broner is different because you have the wit, speed and charisma of Adam Wick teamed with a man who's like a Mac Truck in Isaiah Broner. There are very few weak points in that team. The continuity between them showed in the match as almost the entire time, they showed awareness of their opponents and maintained dominance over them. Nate Bock was taking most of the punishment, and at times, refused to tag out when it seemed like the right call. This again played as a disadvantage towards them. Even after Caleb Stills was able to get the hot tag, and even mount somewhat of a comeback, the damage had been done and the DTA, who had most of the crowd behind them, were able to finish off their opponents. One would have to assume that they're getting very close to becoming the #1 contenders for the IPW Tag Team titles, and may see them taking on Gracefully Chosen in March.
WINNERS: Adam Wick & Isaiah Broner (Death Threat Army)

Match 5: IPW Michiana Championship Match
Zac Ibiza (vs) Aaron Orion (Champion)-
The crowd was ready for this match as, student of Josh Raymond, Zac Ibiza, was looking to ruin the Death Threat Army's good night by taking away Orion's Michiana Title. The crowd was on fire as Ibiza came through the curtain, showing their support and chanting his name. But the Death Threat Army has their supporters as well, and Orion was going to have to remain focused and not underestimate Ibiza if he wanted to hold onto the title. The match was a fury of emotion, which spilled outside of the ring. After returning back, Orion started to take his eyes off the goal. He himself was losing focus with the jeers of the crowd. This allowed Ibiza to gain the upper hand as Orion charged at him in the corner. Ibiza lifted a boot to his face and delivered a flipping neck breaker to Orion, which almost put him away. The match continued and seemed to almost be over when Ibiza was able to deliver a diamond dust stunner off the second rope. Not even his finisher could put Aaron Orion away. As Ibiza was attempting to form a plan which would ensure victory, the ware and tear of being over powered by Orion for most of the match spelled doom. Orion was able to hook Ibiza in for his patented double underhook piledriver, and delivered it with authority in the middle of the ring. 1-2-3. Give credit to Ibiza, he had the match won on a few occasions. But Aaron Orion proved why he is one of the strongest forces in IPW. Afterward, big Rey Taurus hit the ring and absolutely decimated a beaten Ibiza. Taurus was the man who put Ibiza out of commission last year. They faced each other at last November's Warfare event, and Ibiza also suffered a beating from Taurus & Mannix after his match with Keith Creme at High Stakes. One has to believe that this has culminated to the point where a match must be made against these two, perhaps at next month's event.

MAIN EVENT: IPW Championship Match
Karam (vs) Jack Price (Champion)-
After turning on his Death Threat Army brothers at High Stakes, Karam made it clear he was done calling someone else daddy, and that he was sick of sitting in the shadows of the soldiers of the Death Threat Army. He called out Jack Price. He wanted to prove to the DTA and the IPW fans he was the man to take IPW into the future. He was ready to take on Price for the IPW Title. The match ended almost immediately after Karam hit Price with a sky high powerbomb. The match made its way throughout the Y Bar, to the bar, and even using the pop guns. After making their way back into the ring, Price was able to gain some offensive. He was about to deliver a superkick to Karam, but Karam ducked and the ref was inadvertently kicked instead, knocking him out of the ring and out cold. Karam was left in a bad way after taking out Price with another sky high powerbomb. He had Price pinned for the win, but there was no referee. Just then, Karam's worst nightmare came to fruition. Every member of the Death Threat Army marched out to the ring. Broner, Wick, and Orion all returned to get revenge on Karam. Karam stood alone in the ring and issued the challenge. All the DTA members hit the ring and Karam fended his way off all of them one by one. Just then Price rose to his feet and took Karam down. He grabbed his IPW title and was measuring Karam to take him out. Just then, a replacement referee hit the ring and yanked the belt from Price's hands, much to Price's surprise. After becoming distracted by the ref maintaining order, Price turned around to see Karam back at full health and he delivered another devastating sky high powerbomb in the middle of the ring. 1-2-3! Karam became the new IPW Champion. He invited kids into the ring to help celebrate what could be a new era in Independence Pro Wrestling. As the Death Threat Army carried each other to the back one thing is certain for sure: Aaron Orion MUST maintain control of his soldiers going into next month's event.

AFTERTHOUGHTS: I think this was one of the best shows I've ever seen. Every wrestler who came out last night proved they're special in this industry. Gracefully Chosen are going to be a hard team to beat going forward for the IPW Tag Titles. Zac Ibiza is becoming a very big fan favorite, but the Death Threat Army still has strong support. Still, something to take away. This is now back to back events where members of the Death Threat Army have dropped their titles. Tommy Vandetta was not able to gain a IWTV Championship victory over Warhorse in his absence, so Orion is going to have to reel these guys in. Because if the trend continues, and the Michiana Championship is on the line next month, Orion could be in trouble.

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