We've all heard of the Bermuda Triangle but what about the mysterious locale known as the Michigan Triangle? It's an area that stretches from Ludington to Benton Harbor, Michigan, and to Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

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The mysterious phenomena of the Michigan Triangle first came to light in 1891 when a schooner named The Thomas Hume set off across the lake to pick up lumber and disappeared overnight along with its crew of seven sailors.

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Others point to the disappearance of the Le Griffon in 1679.

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Many mention the loss of Rose Belle, the ship that was transporting supplies when it was found overturned in the water in 1921. There is also the strange disappearance of Captain George Donner in 1937. He went to rest in his cabin before reaching port. When his crewmember went to wake him, his door was locked from the inside and  Donner had vanished.

There is the story of the Hope College student who went missing during a skiing trip in 1978. Steven Kubacki went on a solo cross-country skiing trip near Saugatuck, Michigan when he disappeared. His footprints were found near the ice of Lake Michigan. Eerily, he was located 15 months later and 700 miles away from Lake Michigan with no memory as to what happened to him.

Here Marco Williams shares more riddles about the Michigan Triangle.

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In his book, The Great Lakes Triangle, aviator Jay Gourley says,
 “The Great Lakes account for more unexplained disappearances per unit area than the Bermuda Triangle.”
Theories related to UFOs and aliens wandering in the sky over the triangle of Lake Michigan arose after the mysterious disappearance of Northwest Airlines Flight 2501. On June 23, 1950, the plane was flying from New York to Seattle with a stop in Minneapolis. On the way over Lake Michigan, it seemed to simply disappear into thin air.
Does the powerful force have anything to do with the Lake Michigan Stonehenge which was discovered in 2007 by Northwestern Michigan College professor Mark Holley? Holley and his team discovered the rock formation 40 feet below the waters of Lake Michigan while mapping shipwrecks. It features a similar alignment to the famous formation found in England that is famous for it's irregular activity. It’s theorized the one beneath Lake Michigan contains similar properties. 
Is is paranormal activity? Is it alien's? Is it just bad weather? 

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