It’s safe to say that everyone loves bunnies.  What's not to love?  They are cute, cuddly and just totally adorable!  But there is something about a 28-year-old in a bunny costume that is just creepy to say that least.

Kevin Hemmerich of Hopatcong, NJ dressed up in a bunny costume and decided it would be a good idea to blow an air horn, repeatedly, while turning himself in for a warrant at the police station. How does that even sound like a good idea?  This is almost too stupid to be a thing.  Kevin said that it was supposed to be a prank, but when the police say stop, that means that you should probably stop.

So, long story short, the officers showed up and smacked Kevin in the head.  His brother Jason, who was filming the whole thing, has been quoted as saying, "This is my hometown and he punched my brother in the face for no reason." Sorry to say but Kevin totally deserved a dome shot. He honestly deserved more than that, but we will let the law decide the punishment for being so dumb.