Free Beer & Hot Wings are live in Albany! 

This morning, Free Beer & Hot Wings asked the crowd at City Line which game they wanted to play, and Braggadocios overwhelmingly won. So, the guys called up four contestants and started getting to know them.

When the hilarious morning show hosts reached Ashley from Albany, she revealed that she works with people's estates. So naturally, Free Beer & Hot Wings wondered what the weirdest thing was that someone had put on their will. The guys' initial thought was: a cat. It has to be something to do with a cat.

Actually, Ashley informed the hosts, the weirdest thing she'd ever seen on a will was a fake bank account that had been left to someone. She said, "I wondered if the person hated them," which is a valid question.

The guys laugh and say "I know what my kids are getting if they're bad. An empty bank account. Or a treasure map that leads to nowhere."