In an age where metal bands, for the most part, are writing hard music just for the sake of being hard, it's nice to find a band whos hard work is paying off. A band that adds a unique twist to the Heavy Metal/ Alternative music scene.  That band is the Boston based all-female band Flight Of Fire.

8 years ago, identical twins Tia (Mayhem) and Tanya (Venom) Dmuchowski moved from their hometown in Detroit to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music with a mission to create an all-female rock band that could take on the world. When they arrived, they witnessed an unrestrained girl showing off on the train, singing "Long Time" by Boston at the top of her lungs on the crowded train. Inspired and hopeful, one of the twins approached this powerhouse and asked her, "Hey, you wanna join a rock band?" And the rest is Flight of Fire history...

Flight Of Fire spawned from their meeting and since then they have struggled, cried, laughed and fought to make their dreams come true. That dream is starting to now become a realization to the band, now backed with the talented drumming of Maddie May Scott.


Flight of Fire Logo

Recently the ladies of "Flight" were nominated for their song "My Last Gamble"  for Best New Music Video by the 2017 Worcester Music Awards.But the big nomination was from the Hollywood Music In Media Awards in the category of "Best In Americana/Folk/Acoustic. The honor of just being nominated alone was more than thrilling for the girls, who ended up winning the award: 603-321-6019 603-321-6019

The song is a stand out as Maverick described the message behind it:

My Last Gamble was written during a time in our career where we were at a crossroads, being offered promises by people whose intentions we couldn't be sure of, and we were considering taking big risks in search of big rewards. The song tries to capture what it's like to decide to put everything on the line for a dream you have no guarantee of achieving. It's about being courageous (and perhaps a little bit foolish), and doing what it takes to live a life with no assurances, no stability because your dedication to your art is more important than anything else. It's about the musician's way of life.

Flight Of Fire recently released a concept album titled "Path Of The Pheonix" which features "My Last Gamble," which can be purchased on their website.

I honestly and whole-heartedly enjoy their music. I think they bring originality to the music scene and I can't wait for them to come to Michigan again so we can bring them to you in person so you can experience the band do what they do best: melt faces.

Watch "My Last Gamble" Below:

This is the opening track of the album titled "Ten Thousand Voices."

Enjoy...Flight Of Fire!