Surprised? Here are 5 reasons you should consider NOT moving to Battle Creek.

5. Your Skin Puckers Too Quickly When You Go Swimming

Goguac Lake. Beadle Lake. Heck, Flash Flood! We have lots of "swimming holes" around here. To live in Battle Creek is to love the water in the summertime!

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4. Carved Trees Freak You Out

The great Leila Arboretum's ash trees were claimed by the Emerald Ash Borer, leaving some of Leila's great woods without life. But, the idea to make an artist's project out of them by carving the remains into a "Fantasy Forest" turned out to be a terrific idea. Unless carved trunks make you feel weird!

3. An Alligator Farm 16 Miles from Downtown is Just Too Close For Comfort

No joke. The Alligator Sanctuary just north of Athens is only a few minutes by car from the Battle Creek city limits. Wait, how fast do alligators run?!

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2. Hot Air Balloons Freak You Out

Some people say they have a few chicken feathers where their hot air balloon ride enthusiasm should be. If you're one of them, then Battle Creek is no place for you. The Field of Flight hot air balloon festival has been the July 4th place to be for about 30 years!

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1. You Don't Like The Smell of Cereal

Kellogg. Post. Battle Creek's cereal history is rich. And, if you time it right, a walk around town features the sweet smells of cereal being made. That's a definite downside if you're more of an "instant breakfast" kind of person!

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