The Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame have announced their nominees for The Class of 2017. As usual there is a long list of snubs, here are five names that I feel will eventually see induction into The Hall.

There have been many names over the years that have been skipped over for The Rock Hall.   Thankfully Black Sabbath and Deep Purple have made it in.   I still can not figure out how the two other legendary bands of the metal genre haven't even been considered.


Judas Priest

They've been eligible, they've been considered a major influence in the world of metal.  Rob Halford is considered to be one of the greatest voices in the genre.  How has this band been ignored?   I feel eventually like Deep Purple, The Hall will wake up and put them in.


Iron Maiden

Like Judas Priest,you question how this band has been ignored since they have been eligible.   One of the biggest bands in the entire world.   Like Priest, I think they will eventually have their time to be inducted.   We may just have to wait awhile longer.


From Metal to Glam.


One of those artist who will get in more for their influence than actual success.  Huge band overseas, not so much here in the States.   Would we have had The Many sides of David Bowie, Kiss and the 80's Hair Period if it wasn't for T. Rex?


Joe Cocker

One of those names I was surprised to learn is not in The Hall.  I am not overly familiar with his overall career, but I seem to think that he is one of those memorable vocalist that The Hall would honor.   Will They?  time will tell.



Nirvana is in,  Pearl Jam will get in this year. How has Soundgarden not been considered?   The band came before the other two.  Soundgarden is one of the early Seattle Bands who got their start like Nirvana, on Sub Pop Records.   The only thing I could see hurting them is that they broke up for awhile.   I think eventually they will get considered, but it will probably be a few more years down the road.


So far all of these artist have been overlooked for the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame.   Time will tell if they ever get nominated or even inducted.   I feel or at least I hope all five will someday be inducted.   What do you think?