When the lakes are frozen and the ice is thick, fishing comes to mind for many. What if the water is too shallow for your intended catch?

Ice Fishing is one of those sports that make Michigan so great. What if the the water is too shallow to keep the deepest parts of the lake warm enough for the fish to stay there? According to Fishing Tips Depot,

Depth Matters – Fish generally will stay a specific depth during the winter, making it easy to find them. Do some simple internet research to find out what depth the species of fish you’re trying to catch stay around during the winter months.

Fish tend to eat less in the winter so they limit their movements to conserve energy. If they need to expend that energy to keep warm, they will seek out bodies of water that are deeper to stay warm in.

Here is a drone video of Maple Lake in Paw Paw. You can see the bottom in some areas. You will also see a couple in a canoe. I asked them and they said at the deepest point, it looked to be about 10 feet.

Do you or someone you know enjoy ice fishing? show us your pictures and share your stories in the comments.

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