Battle Creek's new "Home Run" dog park will hold a Grand Opening this Friday on the south end of Bailey Park, north of Battle Creek.

Michael Delaware, one of the chief organizers of the project, says they’ll officially open at 2pm this Friday, August 23rd. Delaware says they’re in the final stretch this week, trying to get all the remaining installations done.

In an update on July 15th, Delaware told WBCK the water lines were the first thing installed. Rhino Plumbing did that work. He said pump spigots had been installed at all three entrances, as well as two water fountains. Pure Fence has all the chain link fence up.

The 14 dog benches are all made, created by the Iron Workers Local 25, and the material was sold to the park wholesale by Arlo Steel.

This week, some pieces of the agility course have been installed.

City Commissioners recently voted to change City Ordinances to accommodate dogs being permitted off-leash in the dog park, as the city park ordinances wouldn't allow for that. Commissioners also approved rules for the park.

There will no doubt be ongoing improvements and additions, but this Friday, August 23rd, at 2pm, they’ll hold the Grand Opening.

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