The Most Crucial Podcast has now branched out as we present to you the Crucial Squared Circle, a podcast featuring local people shooting on professional wrestling. The podcast features the host of the Most Crucial Podcast and Night Jock at 104.9 The Edge, Mark "Franchise" Frankhouse, and Kalamazoo musician/wrestling enthusiast Davison Sarai, and our good buddy T. It's been described as:
"The Most Progressive Wrestling Podcast In The World."
"A combination of socially aware wrestling opinions and commentary, while also tongue-in-cheek playing within the guidelines of "wrestling norms", which are not always super sensitive. It's the most aware podcast I've personally heard."

Join us each week as we welcome special guests, wrestlers, and other interested parties as we discuss the current and past state of the wrestling world and cover many different topics and go through some of our favorite lists. The views we express in this podcast are not a direct reflection of 104.9 The Edge or Townsquare Media as a company, but, the view as individual fans who are passionate about a form of entertainment we love dearly. This podcast contains adult language and themes.

In this episode Mark, Davison, and T touch on Wrestle Kingdom 14 and set their predictions on who will take it all. They discuss the BMF title in UFC and pick a few people who would hold the title if it were brought into the wrestling world. Finally, the team discuss not only the ramifications, but the dangers and disrespect WWE needs to be held accountable for when it comes to their weaponization and villianizing of athletes who represent characters often profiled as belonging to the LGBTQ community. It's time to evolve. You're either with us or you're against us. Make the choice. Enjoy.

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